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Medevac Air Ambulance


The health and wellbeing of your employees is always our primary concern. Every decision we make, every action we take is determined by what is in the best interests of those we are called to assist.

HSE Offshore and our partners are truly passionate about the care we deliver, providing assistance over and above your expectations. Our flexible and adaptable approach ensures our services are provided quickly and effectively.

We are able to provide local support and expertise, vet hospitals, share supplier networks and ensure greater purchasing power. With operations in more than 45 countries, our reach spans the globe through a network of members and thousands of agents who are leading providers in their respective markets. The group provides services to 74 million people and assisted in over 400,000 medical cases last year.

What we can offer:

24/7 Emergency medical assistance worldwide:

  • Immediate assessment  of  offshore emergencies
  • Evacuation to a place of safety
  • Co-ordination of treatment with local medical teams
  • Medical Case management
  • Medical advice and practical help
  • Communication with business colleagues and family
  • Repatriation and patient transfer
  • Mass casualty evacuation
  • Payment of medical and other costs