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Metro Kids Africa

Social Corporate Responsibility

Metro Kids Africa is a Non Profit Organisation based in Cape Town, South Africa. It was founded in 2005 by James and Janet Senior who are from the UK.

They left settled lives and gave up their work to move to South Africa with their 4 children, James previously worked in the motor industry and Janet as a nurse. They were motivated to do this by their Christian beliefs and a desire to give back to society and help those less fortunate than themselves.

Metro Kids works in the disadvantaged areas of Cape Town. Cape Town is a city that lives in two worlds, the beautiful city where tourists visit and view all the splendour Cape Town offers and the other world where millions of people live in poverty and without hope. Crime, alcoholism and drugs, HIV and AIDS, poor education, orphaned children are the norm in the disadvantaged areas.

Metro Kids operates a variety of programmes all held towards the same goal “To help children create a better future”. Programmes include after school clubs known as Sidewalk for primary school ages, compassionate care aid, family visits, a teenage mentorship programme, the One By One penpal programme and special projects which include holiday clubs and camps. It is committed to working with local people and churches to achieve this. At present 6000 children and teenagers are reached each week and areas worked in are Lower Crossroads, Gugulethu, Nyanga, Khayelitsha, Mannenberg, Delft, Athlone, Joe Slovo, Du Noon, Phoenix and Parklands. Local people recognize the worth of these programmes and Metro Kids has regular requests to start new sites.

Land Rovers with their dual battery system, which can operate PA equipment, are used to hold outdoor clubs, which attract hundreds of children where they are taught Christian based life skills and values. The Sidewalk programme is taught by teenagers and young adults from their own communities who want to inspire children to change their own communities through making positive life choices.

The Senior’s have been encouraged by the communities in which they work who have embraced the work Metro Kids does. Numerous success stories can be told of teenagers who themselves attended Sidewalk as children seven years ago, like Priscilla, and now are site leaders. Priscilla co-leads her site in Gugulethu with Tam –Tam. This site has 400 children attend each week and these 17 year old girls from Gugulethu lead a team of local young people to achieve this.

Thousands of children are impacted each week but it is the personal stories which show how Metro Kids makes a difference. Many children are orphaned due to absent fathers and mothers dying of AIDS. Metro Kids supports families facing these tragedies holistically by providing monthly food parcels, supporting the carers and assisting in a positive way developing the children’s spiritual, mental and emotional growth.

Further information and an insight into Metro Kids work can be found on the Metro Kids website and the Metro Kids Facebook page or by contacting